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Rocket Science

Getting started with a website doesn’t require a huge team of dedicated technicians. It’s easy, and we are here to help. We’ll get you set up with a little piece of the web to call your own.

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A New Standard In Hosting

Our vision has always been to help people get started with their own piece of the web. A place you can call your own and share your own vision. A service that doesn’t try to “pull a fast one” or trick you with a “special introductory offer”. At we have achieved that vision. We welcome you to the future of hosting.

Pricing and Plans

Website Hosting For A New Generation

Why pay extra for features you don’t need, you can upgrade at any time. We stay true to our mission, we are a website hosting serivce and we don’t try to be anything else.

It doesn’t have to be so complicated

Are you just starting out with a brand new vision trying to spread the word, do you already have your foot in the door and you need a place to support your reach for new heights, or have you been around for a while with an established vision and need a place to showcase your success?

123Hostme has support solutions that can support your goals no matter what stage you’re at.

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Speed and Reliability

Never skip a beat

You wouldn’t buy an outdated computer, so why pay for an outdated website.

Ultra Fast Solid State Storage

Your entire website is saved to ultra fast SSD storage speeding up page load times which makes for happy visitors.

Premium Security Features Come Standard

We are serious about privacy. We protect your website and your customers with SSL encryption and automatic malware removal.

Your website will be fast around the globe

Utilize CloudFlare’s global Content Delivery Network right from your administration dashboard.

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We’ll be here every step of the way to make sure your website gets up and running fast!

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